Public Records Information

In order to best serve the public, all requests to examine or copy public documents must be made in writing. We will respond to your request within three business days after receiving it in the Eagle Fire Administrative office or send you notice that the response will require additional time (up to 10 days) to complete. Please sign all forms prior to faxing, mailing or dropping them off. 

There can be costs associated with gathering and reproducing records. The customer must pay the appropriate cost to the Eagle Fire Department before the records are released. 

You may submit a Public Records Form to our office any of the following ways:

  • Mail: Send a completed and signed Public Records Request Form to:
            Eagle Fire Administration
            1119 E. State Street Suite #240
            Eagle, ID 83616
            Attn: Public Records Request
  • Fax: Fax a completed and signed Public Records Request Form Public Records Request Form to 208.939.2717
  • In Person: You may drop off a completed and signed Public Records Request Form to Eagle Fire Administration, 1119 E. State Street Suite #240 in Eagle. 
Eagle Fire Department | 1119 E. State St. | Suite #240 | 208-939-6463